Urgent Care in Wilmington, DE

Whether you are in need of Urgent Care or Primary Care In the City of Wilmington, We are here to help. We provide a wide range of services and may be listed in different ways including:

-Urgent Care in Wilmington, DE

-Primary Care in Wilmington, DE

-Walk-In Clinic in Wilmington, DE

-Medical Clinic in Wilmington, DE

-Medical Facility in Wilmington, DE

-Family Medicine in Wilmington, DE

-Family Practice in Wilmington, DE

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Come see us at

4001 Miller Road, Ste 1

Wilmington, DE 19802

Call us at 302-407-5222

Hours of Operation

Monday            8AM-8PM

Tuesday            8AM-8PM

Wednesday      8AM-8PM

Thursday          8AM-8PM

Friday               8AM-8PM

Saturday           8AM-8PM

Sunday             8AM-8PM

We are open on Holidays, except Christmas. That day we believe belongs to our staff and their families. 

We thank you for your support Wilmington!